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30. June 2018

Nejc, Miha and Ana are representing us on World championship in Heerde

We will again send 3 competitors to World Inline speed skating Championship instead of official federation. Nejc Mavsar (RK Kranj) will represent us on track and road sprint distances, Miha Remic (RK Kranj) at points and elimination races on track and road and on marathon, while Ana Odlazek (RK Ljubljana), who was 2nd in last year World Cup will represent us in marathon distance next Sunday.
Official Slovenian federation still has no competitors registered to race in any events, but we are still unable to obtain official recognition from either Slovenian Olympic Committee or World Skate federation. While we cover all the costs of such high competitions, we have no way to gain any funding associated with it. This is severely hindering the level of support we can provide to our competitors and we are sad that this is now continuing for more than 9 years.