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7. May 2017

Nejc Mavsar and Ana Odlazek are senior national champion

Track in Kranj provided excellent setting for the showdown of the best Slovenian skaters and they all came prepared posting very good times on 300m time trail and showing some great moves in longer races. Since number of Slovenian skaters is low competition also counted for Alpe-Adria Cup so that company of other nations was also present on track.
National champions have become:

  • Senior Men: Nejc Mavsar (RK Kranj)
  • Senior Women: Ana Odlazek (RK Ljubljana)
  • Junior Men: Gal Gros (RK Ljubljana)
  • Junior Women: Ana Česnik (RK Ljubljana)
  • Cadet A Men: Anže Gros (RK Ljubljana)
  • Youth Men: Jošt Lampert (RK Kranj)
  • Kids: Lara Rodman

In Fitness categories:

  • Fitness D (2000-2005) Women: Lucija Vidovič
  • Fitness B AK30 Women: Aleksandra Kelemen
  • Fitness B AK30 Men: Urban Rodman
  • Fitness A AK50 Women: Maja Ljubič
  • Fitness A AK50 Men: Rajko Česnik

New Slovenian national record on 300m was posted by Nejc Mavsar with: 23. (more...)

29. July 2016

Nejc, Miha and Ana on European Championship Heerde

Nejc Mavsar, Miha Remic and Ana Odlazek are representing Slovenia on track, road and marathon events in Dutch Heerde. First three days on track racing Nejc and Miha raced mostly on shorter distances and ended in places around 20th, with best result from Nejc on 500m sprint where he reached semi finals and finished 15th.
On road Ana Odlazek join our men team. Because we do not have certified FIRS track in Slovenia our team feels much more at home on road and that is also the reason why they all posted better results. (more...)

21. July 2015

Nejc Mavsar odličen 10. na Evropskem prvenstvu v Worglu

Danes je na Evropskem prvenstvu v Worlgu našim tekmovalcem uspel odličen nastop. Nejc Mavsar se je iz kvalifikacij prebil v četrtfinale in kljub odličnem nastopu (po času bi zasedel 6. mesto in se z lahkoto uvrstil v večerni polfinale) na koncu zasedel 10. mesto in za las zgrešil večerne boje za medalje. Na Evropskem prvenstvu nas v kategoriji Junior A zastopa tudi Miha Remic, ki pa je danes na kratki razdalji zasedel 21. mesto in bo svojo priložnost iskal v večernem finalu v vožnji na izločanje. (more...)

7. May 2015

National championship 2015 live on video and live feed

The Slovenian roller speed skating national championship in 2015 will feature a live feed directly from event as well as live streaming on If you cannot join us, you can still watch the competition live and enjoy all the thrill and excitement with us! I hope you will be following the races with us. (more...)

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